Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I have thoughts of so many things I could write for a new post for this new year but I always succumb to laziness and finally, my first actual real proper post for the new year has be the death of one of my beloved.. *hugs SF tightly*

I got a call at the wee hour on Saturday morning and the news was delivered. My baby died due to some reason. I'm sorry but I would rather not reveal it... I'm not interested to know how she ended up like because I want to keep her as my cute little beautiful winter angel with a white scarf around her neck forever..

so uber cute, right? eating Kelogg's cornflakes!!! (Can see the white scarf?!)
*unique baby* ^^

I could not bring myself to believe what actually made her presence no longer here... That day was the day the ceremony to end the mourning of my grandpa's death which is happy news... Suddenly, the sad news just have to pop-up like that.

I was looking forward to have her back here at my house, to feed her lotsa yummy food, to get her a really delicious honey stick and see her being a glutton all over it.. but they never had a chance to happen. I'm definitely gonna miss you, you scarfy little princess...

R.I.P. Baby. Buried on 23rd January 2011. (Kakak asked.. was she baptised?)


Miss you, baby. Hope you'll be showered with lotsa love and yummy food!!!!!

Don't remember to visit ah jie, ya!!!!!! dun make me miss you too much...




  1. i like the part when your 'kakak' actually asked whether your hamster is already baptised or not......heh..

  2. Haha.. coz she's got the leafy and bell thing there on her grave ;P