Thursday, 2 December 2010

Now, this is genuine authentic freebies, no cheats, no loop hole, not credit card registering, no nothing! Just Sign up for the free flow of Korean Dramas all day/night long!

I saw this website at the right side advertisement bar of Facebook and thought;This must be some kinda con advertisement with a catchy line again! BUT, after a few times seeing it, I decided to just click it since not much harm can be done, right?

So, I clicked and I was brought to this website:

After the sidebar load, the flash will automatically start with 1 advertisement followed by the drama:

However, you would have to sign-up to enjoy more than 1 episode. It's easy though! Just click on FREE SIGNUP at the corner right.

And fill up this simple form that pop-up:

Simple, right? Then you can enjoy allllllllllllllll the Korean Dramas for FREE!!! Just that simple!

They also have some features which is really easy to use! The list of movies is always on the left. You can scroll down to find the drama you want to watch or search for it with the SEARCH tab on the left side of the Drama List.

Once you click on the drama you would like to watch, all episodes will list down beside the drama list on the right side like this:

With graphic some more. Damn nice right?

Also, if you have watched half way and go to go elsewhere, you can easily find the video again when you log in later! Just click on the VIDEOS VIEWED on the bottom left and you will get to see the 3 recent videos that you have viewed as shown below;

There are 2 advertisements in between each video which I don't mind as long as these advertisements keep these free korean dramas flowing!

No more hassle of downloading and waiting! ( and worse when it turned out that it's a fake link!)

What makes me really happy is that the subs are in ENGLISH! Yay for me since I can't read Chinese. Hehe..

I have watch all episodes of The Slave Hunters. The drama is not bad but I start to get bored of it when it became very draggy and similar fight scenes keep appearing! Haha. Lucky for the fast forward feature where you get to continue where you left off OR just click on the further time frame like on a media player.

The only problem I have is with the loading speed - only on rainy days 'cause we all know Streamyx always fail us during rainy days. =/ Unless, you got a higher speed and more stable connection, good for you! You'll be enjoying the FREE flow of dramas without interruption!

Free things are always meant to be share around! So, here I am sharing with all you KOREAN DRAMA fanatics! Quick sign up now!!!




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