Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Yup. Huge sigh. All I'm feeling inside is just down, down, down, gloomy, gloomy, gloomy, piece of shit. *pokes at the shit* Definitely feels like a piece of shit. Need to get out and do something out of the norm. Scream at a tree? Dance in the rain? I just want to be so GOD DAMN irrational right now and just do all the stupid things!

I hate a judgmental person like you.

I hate how I'm stuck with you! because when people try to overcome the bad times with you, all you do is JUDGE the things we do! As if that is not enough, everything we do just do not makes sense to you, are all negative and bullshit! Everything, every freaking thing is always about you isn't it?

God damn it I really hate you right now I don't even want to see you right in the eye.

You want to do things your own way without comments from all of us? fine with me! Then don't comment of what I do with my life or what I do to get money when it does not even hurt anyone but YOU?! I wonder what the hell is going through your brain. How you would interpret things. Oh, wait. I don't wanna know. Just keep it to yourself. Keep everything to yourself and mind your own business. Don't even talk to me about what I do. Never. You have no right over my life just because you are who you are to me!


I'm going job hunting again. I'm glad but not so at the same time. I'm glad I finally get to stay away from you even though not for the whole day. But I hate looking for jobs. I hate interviews. I really hate interviews. 200% hate them.

Unnoticeable to me, I have actually had 2 jobs since I grad. I think they looks bad in my portfolio. Lol. Gah.. I've even missed the golden opportunity to be in Uniqlo. What am I to do now? I keep going left and right and see where I end up now? Right at the center, where I started.

I hate how I was never determined to go on... This time, it will be different. I will be firm to move on and never look back.

I'm going forward.





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