Tuesday, 14 December 2010

There are many beautiful and wonderful things in the world which puts a smile and chuckle in our little hearts but there are also ugly and heart wrenching things in the world that makes our heart stop beating for the moment.

I had a wonderful start for a delightful day yesterday morning when I woke up with a smile. I had breakfast with 2 great friends at a mamak in Connaught. Yummy roti canai and milo. It was a very satisfying meal that makes my heart spins around. I like early breakfast, when you don't feel the heat of the sun yet.

After breakfast, we made a move to Midvalley for work. Not too long in the journey we saw an accident after the bridge and before the toll. A man was lying on the ground. Head really bloody and his trouser fell to the ankle. I later found out that he was a foreign worker who was trying to cross the highway as he works across it. I can't help but felt sorry for him although this is the consequence he have to face for crossing illegally. I hope there's no family waiting for him to feed back in his country. I'm also sorry about the driver who might be haunted by this incident for the rest of his life now.

Today, when I log into facebook, I saw a video of lively rat being thrown into an aquarium containing a huge fully grown tortoise. The tortoise took a huge bite on the rat and pulled it down under water. It then clawed the small animal and start to tear it's meat with it's teeth. The small animal was still alive when bitten into half and tried to swim to the surface. The video was too ugly for me to finish.

Previously posted on facebook was another incident where an inhumane China girl sat on a glass pane which is above a cute rabbit. She rocked to and fro and later stood up, lifted the glass pane and flipped the bloody rabbit. Ugh..

I really don't know why there's people who keep posting these ugly things and then share the unsightly videos around. I don't like it at all... it just gives me all these negative feelings and make me down =( I hate it.

On another note, I'm very happy that my little pets are always there to make me happy everytime I see them. No matter what is bothering me, I'm grateful that I will turn all happy at the sight of them. I'm really grateful for having them and will definitely cherish them. *hugs and squeezes*

Here's a happy moment from Si Fui to share with everyone =)))))

a scene from a video of my cute hamster, SiuFui enjoying a cornflake while lying on her back

*Gleam with happiness*


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  1. wahahahaha ~! pity lar ~! :P
    yo !!! so what you did for new year ? :P

  2. sleeeeeeeeeeep