Thursday, 23 December 2010

This is just driving me crazy early in the morning!

The same
bloodysolicitor firm that I was so angry about months ago! I just hate the administration and clerical staffs there!

The conversation with the clerical goes like this:
Me: Hi, Can I speak to Mr. Sri please?
She: He is in a meeting with Lawyer X, can you please call back after lunch?
Me: Oh, okay. Can I just ask if the documents are ready for collection?
She: Can you please call back after lunch hour? He is in a meeting and is unavailable.
Me: Okay, can I leave a message for him, please?
She: *puts me on hold*
Passes the phone to another staff.
She2: Hi, can you please call back after lunch? Mr. Sri is in a meeting right now.
Me: I do not want to disturb him but can you please pass him a message?
She2: Err.. okay. What is it?
Me: Can you please ask him to call me back later?
She2: Ok.
*slams down the phone*

Wtf WEH!!!!!

Total b*tches.

I don't see how the lawyer can be such a nice and humble person but the staffs are like pieces of sh*t when it comes to their manners and task! Tangan sudah patah, ka? Sangat susah ke nak tulis nota?

Piece of sh*t.


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