Sunday, 7 November 2010

Uniqlo coming to Malaysia is such an awesome news to me! because there's where I can find nice nice clothes with nice nice cutting for myself! I swear it's boring and tiring when I go shopping because most of the time, I have problem with cutting and the lenght of the sleeves or the pants. zZz.

Their grand opening was on the 4th of Nov '10 with lotsa great gifts and prizes offering for the first 500 early birds! Who can top their prizes of 5 pairs of All-Paid-Expenses trip to Tokyo?!?! Thinking about that makes me salivate! Anyway,  since  tak ada kaki, I decided to go on the 5th (less people as well). I reached there around 10.20 a.m. and I was greeted by this amazing snake line crowd that made me feel like giving up! But no, since I'm there, might as well line-up and see how fast the line goes! I was lucky to be in there in less than 1 hour time! Most people would agree this is a short period compare to the 4-5 hrs of line on the first day and also later on on the 2nd day. It was wise to come around that time when there's no one in the shop yet which makes the line move really fast! ;P

Before I got in, I was sure I am going to see enjoy the shopping but when I got in, there was so many people that it made me decided to just browse around. It always turn off my mood to shop when there's too many people around. Hard to get the items and bloody long queue to the changing room. Walk a few rounds and I went in search of my friend and she encourage me to look around since it took us such a long time to get in! and looking at the crowd outside, made me appreciate that I'm inside. lol.

The mood to shop started to kick in when I got to the 2nd floor because there's where all the nice nice stuffs are!!!! It made my smile broader when I saw something I could get for my mom! ;D I like to see my mom happy. ^^

Most items are reasonably priced as expected and very affordable! The expensive stuffs are also worth it because when you can't buy it, it makes it worth your time to just stare at it and touch it for a moment! Lol.  The promotion item for the launching of the brand are also nice and totally worth it! Plus their RM20 coupon. *slurp* The prices are just crazy cheap! When it comes to the type of material and quality, there's nothing to complain but much to brag about! Totally love their quality!! Tip top guaranteed! Wah! The more I talk about it, the more I'm inlove with this brand!

They also have awesome posters such as below! Totally makes people drool.

If you have not been there, it's time you pay a visit! I'll definately be coming back for more! Once my pocket hole has been sewn! Haha..

Oh, did I mention I bought 2 fleece? bloody cheap! RM 29.90 for 1 after deducting the RM20 voucher (normal price is RM79.90) So happy! One for me and one for mom! I'll be baccccckkkkk for moreeeeee!

*squeeze squeeze* *hug hug* Uniqlo.

Never loved a brand so much like this one!


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