Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Combination of snippets of the Journey from the Sky to the Campus!

A Very Nice R&R along the Highway. (Shame to say the ones in M'sia are no where near this one)

Outside the warm and inviting building.

A very relaxing pond with lotsa fishes and lily leaves.

Some cool looking factories we passed by.

Our water and bread after a tiring bus trip.

A spooky old accommodation for the night. (/w lotsa old furniture)

Everyone hungry for food the next morning~

The beautiful dining hall.

My very healthy breakfast /w Li Ping trying to poking into the picture!

Enjoying the cool nice environment outside!

The very convenient Cereal Machine!


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  1. yih ~!!! so nice ~!! can go uk ~!!!!
    dun brinG swine flu back ar ~!!!
    eh ~!!!!
    hand letter ~!!! "shao xun"