Friday, 12 November 2010

It was my mom's 50th birthday two months ago (which was September). Long before that, I had wanted to let her have a good celebration. Maybe a birthday party to mark her 50th but due to family's financial constrain, this could never have happened. So I went hopping around to see if I could get her something good. Even though she mentioned that she did not want anything for her birthday, I have got to giver her something, at least! It was her 50th birthday after all!

Thank God, my wish has heard when I found this awesome deal @! It was totally a happy moment for me because it is not expensive and it will give my mom a queen like treatment even for a few hours! Something she really deserves after working hard all these while!

Happily, I paid for the voucher. I printed out the voucher and slip it into her birthday card envelope! She was naggy because I got her something but deep down I knew it was worth it *happy*

RM48.60 for a full package treatment of 1 Hour Body Massage + Hair Wash & Blow + Manicure + Pedicure!!

That was about 70% off the normal price! 2 weeks before it was to expire, I called up to make a booking for my mom. One of the employee, a Filipino (could tell from the accent) picked up the call and the conversation goes like this:

BL: Hello! Beauty Lounge! Can I help you?
Me: Hi! Can I make a booking for next week Wednesday?
BL: Can I know what treatment you are booking for?
Me: For the package I bought at MyDeal.
BL: Can you please hold on.
Me: Ok. *shock and feels weird*
*BL back on the line*
BL: Hello, we might be full next week. We will extend the promotion for 2 weeks. Can I call you back tomorrow?
Me: Ok, sure. *gives details* Thank you.

The next day, or the day after the next, and so on.. I never got a call from Beauty Lounge. I was to busy to even call them back.. and sometime later, I got an e-mail from MyDeal, trying to apologise and giving back full refund.


E-mail from MyDeal.

But seriously, do you think that is sufficient for the damage done? Am I suppose to tell my mom,
"The Beauty Lounge decided to change their mind and not extend the dateline although it was their fault for not able to cope with the number of customer that has bought the vouchers and decided to do a full refund instead. Hence, I will get a full refund for you for a faulty birthday present"

Haha... so funny.

the Lounge is like getting investment from all these voucher buyers to fund their business for 2 whole fucking months and then returning their investment without any interest. Totally ridiculous I tell you.

Fuck you The Beauty Lounge or rather The Ugly Lounge.

and, this proves you people incompetent in handling this kind of situation! You guys are definitely not offering the best deals in Malaysia but rotten deals!

I will definitely not buy anymore service vouchers from MyDeal. Ever!


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  1. bad result after studying hard means hopeless. but bad result bcaz of not putting enough effort meaning that u still have chance to improve. good theory? haha. all the best

  2. -_____- i hope so..