Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Just on Sunday, I was playing with cute Momou after not seeing him and SiuPak for so long. Well, not that long actually, probably just 1 week or so but it felt like forever.

It was a tiring Sunday and I fell into a deep sleep.

Woke up to an ordinary monday morning even before the alarm rings. Decide to fall back asleep. Before the alarm marks the beginning of my monday blue, I was awaken by the same tone. What was it? It was my ringing tone. A call from a friend, who does not usually give calls in hours like this anymore.

Answered with a happy tone but was greeted with a tone so afraid that it does not tell a happy tale. She accidentally stepped on Momou!

What do I do now? He's not moving!

*Numb* Is this just another morning joke?

No, it was not.

I was lost for a while, followed by a furious heart beat. Couldn't be. This could not have happened. Everyone knows very well that you should be careful when you have fragile babies like that around. *Solemn*

Got ready quickly, took baby's Christmas present which I've just bought on Sunday, made a deep prayer and went straight ahead to see my baby.

My heart totally wreck when I see him. Could feel his difficulty in breathing.

Heard stories of the incident and my heart starts to bleed. There was blood from baby.

I could not do anything. Just stayed there and watch him for hours, asking him to stay strong and hope.

I tried to stay strong too since baby was trying to fight for his life as well.

Soon it was noon and I had to leave for work, leaving baby behind. I would like to take baby home with me but I could not bear to hurt him anymore. A bumpy ride was the last thing he need right now.

I wish I could be there with you, Momou. I miss you alot when I'm not there with you.

Kept wondering how you are doing.

Went to speak to the Gods again, asking for mercy right after work.

Fell asleep thinking and praying for you.

Woke up to a msg saying that you're still huffing and puffing heavily. Felt like crap because there was nothing I could do to help you or even be with you.

Prayed again and hope God heard my prayer.

Kept waiting for good news from your side. It was a long wait but it finally put a smile on my face to hear that you are doing better now although still in difficulty.

You will have to wait till X'mas to get you treat! So you can't leave now, alright?

Love you much, baby.




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