Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I've just visited Momou just now! Really really happy to see him! It's just about 36 hours since the first time I saw him after he got injured but it really felt like forever! I thought it was 60 hours apart instead!

He looks really good today but there's still some nose stuck noise once in a while but it's alright! He will get well in no time!

He's eating well and sleeping well ^^

SiuPak visited him outside the cage and Momou ran screaming away like he used to. Lol.

Really happy things are getting back to normal for him ;)



  1. so sweeeeeeet =)

    dear someone,
    TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY PATTIE! ok she's urs too. we can share!

  2. Dear Eilyn,
    I love you for being such a nice friend, I love you for being so nice to me, and I love you for keeping the bits to ourselves and I love you for still keeping this friendship!~

    Take care over there! Miss you much!