Saturday, 20 November 2010

"Hi, how are you?"
That's usually how people would greet some one before starting a conversation. So, How are you? Not too good? Maybe you have not been exercising lately! Everyone knows exercise is important but how many of us actually take the initiative to start exercising?

Nestle will be promoting good health all around Malaysia this 21st Nov 2010 which is on this Sunday! Anyone of you can start your initiative by joining thousands of Malaysians all over the country for a walk! So, come on and join in the fun!

The registration is FREE and you get a FREE T-shirt as well when you register! There will also be FREE healthy breakfast after the walk! Not motivating enough? How about some free performance and also lucky draw? Awesome, yea? So make sure your come and join me and other Malaysians on a healthy walk this Sunday!

See you there!


Here's a song to share. I'm currently hooked up to it and I hope you like it too!.




  1. is the eye on malaysia still there?

  2. I doubt it. But I'll find out tomorrow ;)