Friday, 26 November 2010

Last week, I saw the youtube of a woman crushing a rabbit in a very inhumane way. I was terribly shocked and disgusted. However, I thought it was just a video my friend stumble upon accidentally. Hance, I did not pay much attention to it as I didn't want that ugly scene to be stuck in my head every morning.

You will see the link of the youtube when you search "YouTube - SICK WOMAN CRUSHES AND KILLS LIVE BUNNY !!!" on google but I think youtube have already removed the video.

Saved all of you people from a horrible nightmare!

I then found out through msn that it was a very recent thing! What made me more angry is to know that there is actually a group of animal crushing fetish group in China who are financing these ridiculous stupid acts!

More can be read here:
Msn News
Strait Times - Stomp

This is unbelievable that such thing still happens today when the person doing this was remarkably normal.

God bless 'em wabbits >.<


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