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Sat, 4th Sept 2010 - We get to meet up with Sherling and Liping who's back from Notts (summer break) and go for the much spread around (in the net) SkyTrex Adventure. It was Sherling's idea and I thought this should be really fun for a meet up activity. She signed us up for the Big Thrill adventure since we do not know the level of toughness that's gonna hit us in the Extreme Challenges. We were pretty much thrilled about this trip and had a high expectation on it since there were limited pictures that shows the 27 challenges that we are about to face.

The place was pretty easy to find with the help of the map. One point that we have to take into consideration if we are coming from Kl through the Federal Highway is the jam on the highway itself. The flow of Federal Highway is unpredictable/jam most of the time, hence we should take precaution and add in more time allowance.

It is also very important to browse through the website carefully so that you do not miss any info because there is a lot that we should know. Sherling got to know from a friend that we are suppose to be there 1/2 hr earlier for briefing which means when our booking is at 1.30 p.m., we need to be there at 1.00p.m. or earlier. In my opinion, it is so that we could catch the bus ride from the entrance to the activity site (you'll know what I'm talking about if you read on).

The car park is very spacious and you don't have to worry searching for car park. The car park fee charged was RM 1.00 for a car, RM 3.00 for a bus and.. I forgot what the other transport is.. After getting the car nicely parked, we went to the Ticket Counter. Apparently, we need to pay RM 3.00 per person for entrance fee into the whole jungle park. The RM 40.00 per person is just for the Big Thrill Activity itself. Once we got through the entrance, we headed to the said bus and with the sardin situation on the bus, we pretty much know that we are the last 5 to board the bus. The seats are extremely limited and standing people have already filled up most of the space. With us on the bus, 2 person have to stand at the staircase of the bus which I think is extremely dangerous and unethical. The road that the bus have to go through to the activity park is a winding road. Hence there was a little swaying to the left and right, and sometimes back as well when the bus driver changes gear. The handle that we could only hold on to are not giving us a good grip as it was a smooth aluminum bar and it takes hell lots of energy to stand still on the platform to prevent from falling off the bus. Mind you, we were all standing on or in front of the staircase.

We were really glad when we finally reach the place. We submitted our form and signed a declaration letter to keep SkyTrex from being sued and take responsibility of what danger might befallen us during the dangerous acts ;) For the activity, we were required to put on gloves (not the ciplak knitted glove that people use to wear when shifting boxes) for grip assistance. They do sell those free size PVC gloves for RM 3.00 a pair or you could opt to use the ones that are shared by public (F.O.C.) There's things you can rent with just paying the deposit such as RM 5.00 for a locker and RM 5.00 for a bottle sling bag.

Before the start of the activity and attaching the safety harness set to you body, you are advuised to take a clean pee break or else things will get tough when you are up in the trees (I agree with that). Pee break done and it was just a short while before we are all geared up in our safety harness set @ 1.30p.m.

We came in a group of 5 hence we need to wait for the group of 20 to get ready before we were briefed together which finally happened at 2.45 p.m. or later on.. (Zzz~) The briefing also includes a trial (included in the count of 27 stages) on a smaller scale of the activity to make sure you know what need to be done and that you are comfortable to go through these kind of activities. We are so glad that we will go ahead of the group of 20 or else we would be dozing off(zZz~)

Finally, we get to head for the real thing and was placed behind a couple. Things were kinda tough (and need I mention slow since we have to wait for the front to pass) but after you pass through 1/3 of the "thrill, things start to get so easy and fast that you will probably lost sight of the person in front -____________-. Here's how the stages go: Pull down a rope (with much strength) to attach your carabiner to it and start climbing a freaking tall ladder (maybe about 3 storey high? I can't remember) which gets you to start a little huffing and puffing -> Walk across a net bridge -> climb up a 1 storey ladder -> was across on zig zag plank -> flying fox -> walk across on many swing-like hanging pipes -> flying fox -> walk across planks -> walk on a wire -> flying fox -> tarzan swing -> flying fox -> walk on planks -> flying fox -> flying fox -> climb down the ladder -> flying fox -> flying fox -> walk down a net bridge -> end (not in correct order and number coz I can't really recall but that is pretty much it).

For me, the front was great, the end was pretty disappointing when all you could only see are flying foxes. The flying fox pretty much takes up most of the 27 stages I guess, which I would like to repeat again, disappointing. I thought all 27 stages were different (1 or 2 repetitives would still be acceptable). They basically deserve a different name - Front Thrill.

To wrap up everything, we returned the safety harness set, collect our stuff from the locker, returned the rented items and get our deposit back, wait for the bus to arrive, get to the car and enjoy Liping's sizzling hot Seremban Siu Pao thanks to the weather.

It was not a very enjoyable experience at the end when all you get are flying foxes but this is worth remembering for the time we spent together. The next activity together? Probably paintball next year! Seems pretty far away, huh?


Liping and Sherling went home for family dinner since they will not be staying long here for the summer break while the rest of the group went for a hot and satisfying meal at Restoran Shabu Shabu in Taman Desa. I agree with Seraph that something of a hot soup will satisfy our tummy because I'm been hungry since before the Big Thrill which is so ugh.. =/ saddening for my tummy. The price for each adult for a dinner meal is RM 31.20 nett. I heard the one in Puchong was RM 25.00 nett which I'm not sure because I have not been there but heard it was real good. Also at Restoran Shabu Shabu, Tmn Desa, they limit you to 2 hours of dining if there is a huge crowd on the waiting line. It seems fine for me because 2 hours are pretty much enough.

Restoran Shabu Shabu offers buffet and they have another Shabu Garden with ala carte menu down the lane but owned by the same company. We were really happy that they have the pork slices and mutton slices. They really made us happy and that's probably what we requested most of the time. (the nicest and most worth it ma. Hehe..) We are not fans of frozen steamboat food hence we did not take much of them (e.g. frozen fish balls) but did try some and found out that they are really not much to our liking =/ Hence, we just stick to our soup ingredients, vegetables and also thin slices of meat. *slurp.

Comparing Restoran Shabu Shabu(RSS) and Shabu Garden (SG), SG gives a better environment, better food quality, more food variety, more sauce variety and also more soup variety but should be more expensive if same portion was ordered in RSS. On the other hand, RSS offers more value for money in terms of amount, only 3 soup base - Clear Soup, Miso and Tom Yam, do not have crab, limited drinks variety, sucky ice-cream flavours, noisy environment, small table, and did I mention most of the expensive stuff are not on the conveyor belt? (you'd be so sorry to know what you've missed once you left).

On my first and last visit to SG, our table ordered a seafood set. The prawn was terrible, the scallop was tasteless and the mussel was not very nice though but the mutton slice was awesome, better than what we get in RSS. Also, we previously mentioned that we ordered loads or pork and mutton slices in RSS which are still satisfying but it was definitely weird to see them coming out in different type of folding and length. That should pretty much tells you about their quality. I guess in this kinda place, they just make you happy with the unlimited food they have.

Throughout my observation, not many tables have plates of thin meat and I wonder if they are new to Shabu Shabu. So far, most of the friends that I have ask for shabu shabu recommendation either have never been to one or has only been once or has only been to the same outlet multiple times ( I guess once you're pretty much satisfied with one, you would prefer not to be let down by visiting another new shabu shabu outlet).

So, there you go. 2 satisfactory shabu2 outlet that I have tried. The first shabu shabu I've visited was in Kepong but I cannot remember much about the detail but the soup was good. More to come next time ;D

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