Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My olddddd trusty laptop failed me 2 weeks ago! The screen just went dark and it will cost me $200 to get the screen back. So, it's now working like a CPU instead =.= A monitor and keyboard attached to it.. Probably going to get a new one soon. Have not got the mood to sniff around yet.

2nd of July was my last day at TSTMMV (3rd and 4th as the annual leave). Such a waste, in my opinion. As the commission is gonna go up so high! I hope everyone is working well over there. Less drama and conflicts! Happy working!

Meet up with the SOL team yesterday night for dinner @ Kelana Jaya Lakeside. Food was good but I think portion was small. Has a good time though coz everyone was there. It's not easy to get it done since everyone's so spread out now. Next trip, Broga Hill! or Maxwell Hill! O.o

Back @ dad's office. so confused and lost in direction now =/

Now that I have 0 income, shall brainstorm something to get some income! Omg >.< Can't stand the sight of thinking about it at all =/




  1. LOL!! good move to have the blog all to urself HAHAHAH

    last year we actually got a mail from uni warning us to beware of anything we write about the module/lecturers/anything sensitive to the uni. Serious actions will be taken if they found out about it. yikes!

  2. alien13 : Hahaha. seriously, I never thought such thing would happen in a lecture @.@

    you-know-who: I know who are you!! but then there was no warning about such thin in m'sia campus.

    we've got a new cafeteria mgt! They started this week. Not bad. Abit taseless though. Still, better than last time out but some ppl are wondering how long they can keep this standard. Lol.