Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bernadette to Me: Su Yin: I think shin yin graduation Falls on tis sat! U al going?

Me to Ssy: Mush mush! This sat your graduation?

SSy to Me: Yeah. You free to come and see mush mush? Lol

Me to Ssy: Omg! You din tell us! Later w miss our president's graduation how?!?! When? Where?

Ssy to Me: Golden horse this sat vice president assistant, my ceremony from eleven to one, so we take picture before or after the ceremony depends on what time you come k? come along w vice president and suyin la, tell her very hard to find chance to take pic w short mush mush. Buahaha.

Mush mush president... how can you not inform us about your graduation!!! Omg! We almost missed our dearest Fen Chen president's graduation! Can't even stand the sight of thinking about it! *dramatic* Hahaha...

But now.... we have to get something for Ms.president!!! In less than 4 days! and I'm at kajang! Buy whatttt??? hits wall and cracks head*

Fen Chen!!!!!




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