Wednesday, 28 July 2010

It's always about you and your changing mind! It's always about what you say! It's always about your righteousness! It's always about your you-should-know-what-is-on-my-mind-now!

Basically, it's all about YOU and YOURSELF!

If everything is about you and yourself, why bother having people work around you? You should just work with you and yourself! End.

Don't you know that this is so bloody irritating?

Everyone have their own way of thinking and everyone have their own way of doing things! If you want something your way, tell me exactly what is that you want! Tell me exactly how is it that you want to be done! You know why? Because no one can read your bloody mind! Also, please do us all a favour. Do not change your freakin' decision every freakin' hour! It's making life hell and we all know it's wasting time!

Sometimes, I can just shut up and let you let it all out, all you want but there should be a limit to it. I'm not a punching bag that is just stagnant and has no feeling or whatsoever!

Seriously, with all these f*ckin sakai bullshit. If some one is not good at it, that person is a sakai at it. Like wtf? That is one big punch on the self-esteem. Can't you just be more polite and TEACH NICELY? There is NO ONE in this world that is a duplicate of you! AS we grow up, we go through different things and we learn different things in ways different than yours!

You always expect people to act, react, behave and do as what you think but who the hell are we? Mind reader's? Bullocks, man..

Oh, look at that sakai fresh graduate..

See, this is what I meant by being a sakai. A no brainer

What the hell, man. Just because we do not act or think like you do, we're some freakin' sakai that will never improve. Some one who's existence does not even worth a penny. Can you please control you f*cking temper and language when you talk? Coz you just showed us who's the actual big SUCKER.




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