Friday, 28 May 2010

The day is getting nearer!!! What day? Well, of course it's my birthday!!! Weeee... aren't you all excited? Actually, every time it comes to my birthday? I would just feeling like lying on the bed and just have a simple day... not a celebration, really. I don't know. I felt like.. it's the day where I finally get to rest myself! Kinda boring, huh? Coz I've been so busy lately that it would feels really comfy to just snuggle up on my bolster and blanket and just stay there!!! So comfy you know!

Tomorrow suppose to be afternoon shift but has been changed to morning and told last minute! wtheck.. Damn hate.

Other than that, I've been purchasing shit loads of things recently!!! After the camera accessories in April, comes the lingerie and facial stuff and baju today!!! I also manage to make a membership card for my friend! So, yay! So happie!! Got new clothes to wear already! This Sunday's theme is Ne-oN and I won't be thereeeee~~~ Weeee.. coz I don't have to spend money on buying something Ne-oN!!!! XD I don't mind at all!!! Not being in the picture! Atleast I get to save money and only spend on things I like!

Aih, since tomorrow gonna be morning shift, I'm going to bed now. =/ Lack of sleep..





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