Sunday, 4 April 2010

It's not something fishy as in it feels like there is something going behind my back but.. as in I smell a stench coming from a person who is selling fish. A sel-fish person. Well, this is just my opinion.

I'll just give a scenario and I wish I'd get some feedback from you guys, what you guys think about this. What will be your reaction.

So here's the scenario:

It happened that 8 out of 10 employees showed up for work on a very busy day. Mind you, I'm talking about this scenario in a retail business where meaning manpower is very important. Customer service ma! Coincidently, it was a very busy day for the outlet and all the 8 of the employees are working their ass off like there's no tomorrow. Nice, I see some commitment and enthusiasm. So, to prevent the crazy situation happening for tomorrow again, 3 person are asked if they are willing to work FULL SHIFT tomorrow. Even though with a little hesitation for a while, 3 agreed to do so willingly. Tomorrow, all 3 came with a willing heart to go all out and work full shift! Although after a while, one would say, can I not do full? While the other one complain a tad bit playfully with no negative feelings at all. @ 1pm, the number of employees for the day was finalised and the outlet actually need 1 person to do full. 2 was informed that they do not need to do full any more. Yes, they will work as if morning shift and go home after their shift. However, 1 will have to stay. The first one was happy because that person wants to go home early and it means that his wish is being granted. Happy solution. Employee happy (don't have to work when I don't want to), company happy (don't have to pay extra). However, the other two still have the enthusiasm and wants to work full shift. So they decided and asked the person-in-charge if both could do full but was told only 1 unless the extra one can generate double the sales.

What I think:
If the company wants the staff to think of the company, the company should also do the same for the staff. If you tell a person that you will be doing full shift, you should let the person do the full shift, unleSS the staff too agreed to leave early. You get what I mean? Let's take a contract for an example. I agreed to sell you my car because I need money but then later on, I found out that I actually have enough money and need not sell the car any more. The buyer would be fuming coz it is not fair! What if the buyer has already pooled the money by selling his old car to get MY car? Like how stupid is that? Both agreed on something but one party decide to break the agreement because of their own sel-fishness. Like, damn geram right? If the buyer agrees to call off thing thing, not buying my car anymore, it's fine coz it's neutral. No one gets hurt or gain something more than the other. I think it's damn unfair lor for the company(or who ever is standing on behalf of the company) to be doing this. Like, ask the employee to work tomorrow (let's say it is my rest day) and when the employee is already on the way, call to tell the employee not to some anymore because the company does not need the employee today? For me, I'll feel like what the *tooooooooot*, right? I felt that it will decrease the morality of the employees, make them feel like a lifeless robotic tool. I don't see fair dealings lor. Where got fair dealings?

Tulan, right?




  1. Hoho, I found the Sakai's pic!

    Top row 2nd from the left..

  2. oh ~~ is that short fat guy izzit ?

  3. sometimes working in a retail store can be very tiring.. have to face people and serve almost most of the time.. =)

  4. well, it is fine if the company is treating the staff in a good way like how the staff is trying to get sales for the company. but it's just plain selfish you know. like as if your best friend just betrayed you after all these time working together and helping each other out...