Saturday, 13 March 2010

Almost everyday, I look forward to going to work coz I like my job. I think I really do. But everytime, drama creeps up into the atmosphere. Like oh so dramatic. Drama drama almost everyday. No wonder Ray said he's got so much mixed emotions everyday. I get them too but sometimes I choose to brush it off if I could (but he can't). Coz they're all just teeny weeny piece of sh*t that is trying to get into me. NAH! f*ck off. You can save ur ass from doing that coz it ain't doing anything to me. If they ever cross over the line, you'll get a fireback from me. I don't listen to no shit no matter what freaking position you are holding. My job is my job. I don't work with personal emotions stuffed up my ass like you do. Whatever you wanna bullshit with me, I'll just brush it off because you're nothing to me. God and everyone else was watching your every move and now you've finally got what you deserved. No one left you in this kinda situation. You yourself craft it with your own hands. Obviously. Very obviously.

You might think I am creating havoc, stabbing you and hoping that you will bleed to death but seriously, it would be a waste of my time. Really funny that even when I did not move my lips to tell stories, everyone saw it and even told me about it. Your actions are just so obvious.

However, I really hope you didn't fall that badly coz it hurts to see the innocents feeling the pain you caused for yourself. Is broke my heart as well coz you do not deserve such pitiness.

Today is just a damn crappy day.

Crappy crappy. Coz I can't start my car as well when I wanted to go back to Kajang. CAr battery was too low to start. Bollocks!!!!!

Let tomorrow be a better day.


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  1. oh my goodness !! cant say anythings!!

  2. seriously unacceptable acts.


  3. i dont think this is real, i went to MV almost every week, never seen this kind of toilet and toilet seat paper provided by MV.

  4. I think so too but I still can't figure out where these toilets belong to..

  5. how can those ppl do like this ?

    they know respect ppl a not ?!

  6. they do not.