Friday, 1 January 2010

Went for an early dinner tonight as every eatery place might be jammed up with people. So I went to this row of shop lot near the SMK Bkt Bandaraya Bangsar to pick one of the restaurants there to have a meal. Crappy enough, 2 stupid restaurants told me that they are fully booked. What the hell are you keeping the tables for when I'll be done with my meal before your customer who reserved the table is gonna reach?

Total Bollocks.

So here I am, 1 hour before the new year, hungry as hell. Thank God for instant noodles. What is better than instant noodles when you don't feel taking the trouble to dress up appropriately and take the effort to drag your feet to the street to get something to fill up your tummy, right?

*Thumbs up for instant noodles!*

Oh, btw, Happy New Year everyone!




  1. wahahahaha ~! pity lar ~! :P
    yo !!! so what you did for new year ? :P

  2. sleeeeeeeeeeep