Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Lol. I know I've been missing in action for ages but this is a fact which can't be changed becoz I'm workinggg nowwwww...

Previously from Sept to Nov @ Padini as mgt trainee and now @ Topshoppp.. not gonna tell you which outlet. Wtf. Incase some of you decide to just bump in and do some stupid shit. Chey..

Coz there's already enough drama happening inbound and outbound.

I wonder how is everyone doing. While I was working, I bumped into one of my high school mates.. Omg.. This is like so nostalgic, wtf. Rewinding the tape back to the methodist times..

Anyway, I'm really very busy now ;P Working 6 days a week and during rest days, I'm on a consignment job for mah dad. Great isn't it? Working all the timeeeee...

What other way can generate cash ah?


Congratulations to Poh Yee who just successfully got married. Lol. I'm sorry I can't attend. Blame my working schedule and ur dinner schedule ;P Bila nak lahir satu futball team?


Congratulations to those still @ Notts as well because the exam period has just ended! But now you guys have to face the 2nd sem so quikly. Kesian. Haha.. Shin Yin! Few more months to go and we will be at your graduation!! Hang in there!~


Eilyn sayz she's gonna send me a snail mailll... and I'm still waitingggg for the postsnail to arriveeeeee!!! *Checking my mailbox everyday!


Okla, that's all the short update for now. Hehe..




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