Thursday, 28 January 2010

I've just finish cleaning the God's Altars and the toilet. Eating again after my last meal 2 hours ago. Few more minutes later I would need to clean the dishes, get ready and go off to work. It's afternoon shift today.

Days were never this full when I was doing my mgt trainee @ P. It is weird how working on shifts make it seems like you have less time compare to just going to work on normal shift / just morning shifts. I guess it is because everyday, you have to plan for the next day because you have different time to be spent doing your personal errands or whatsoever.

Mom's also working very hard and I wish I could help her out because she seems so tired as well. She's been doing alot for me these days and I felt so much warm but I wish I could help her out too and make her so relieved and enjoy her time doing the things she likes.

Anyway, a week of work to look ahead again after the Rest Day. Glad tomorrow's afternoon as well. Got loads of things to sort out.

Today's the 28th which reminds me Pay Day is coming soon. Will be looking forward to receiving the payslip after a month of work which feels like a year!



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  1. OMG AHHH.. HAHAHA. anyway, THANK GOD!