Friday, 29 January 2010

There are so many interesting incidents happening @ WorkPlace each and every day I wish I had the time to jot them down since the beginning coz they're just so.. wow, amusing! A different one everyday! Where do you find so much amusement every working day to keep you interested in your job? I don't think there's much in the borinnnnggggg office, true?

So, in our our outlet, we have this 3 jewellery tower. All jewelleries are hung on these 3 towers. All jewelleries are either attached to the tower or to another jewellery with plastic tags. The kind of that that usually hold the garment and the price tag together. Obviously, it is for security purposes as they do not have any security tags to secure them. Basically, what happened yesterday was that a lady decided to leave her brain at home and went shopping. She saw something she really liked and she just snap off the piece of jewellery off the tower and happily took it to show to her shopping buddies. Upon seeing what happened, I walked up to her and politely tell her that if she need any other thing from there, she can ask for our assistant. She damn pig lor. She reponded like some dumb woman. She told me it's not written there. Like.. hello? You're talking like this because you could get it off. What if you're in a bike shop and it was locked with a metal chain? Will you just bring your own tools and try to break it in the store? Totally absurd, isn't it? Stupid b*tch betul. No brain -> no common sense.

So please, next time save yourself from looking like an idiot. Ask for assistance. You're not Tarzan's Jane.

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