Friday, 4 December 2009

Tanam anggur. That's what Nadia called it. It actually refers to mengganggur or menganggur. My bm's so bad now =/ Anyway, I was suppose to start work this Tuesday but my brand manager was too busy to layan me coz there'll be two outlets launching in Johor and Melaka this month. Hence, I was put aside. *sob sob* BUTTT.. I've decided to take this opportunity to look for other jobs as well. Went for the DNP walk-in interview today. I'll think about what they offer me very carefully and see if this is the one I am going to take.

Anyway, I was at Tropicana City with my brother and friend yesterday for the RM6 movie ticket day!!! So cheap with such comfy seats! Not bad! A good deal I would say. So since brother was so sloooowww.. we decided to try the Ninja Joe, the only place where you get babi burgers besides Chinese pasar malam. Hahaha.. but I think it's too pricey lor! So small! Like the width of a slice of tomato and it cosr around RM6 for 1! Outrageous, I would say. The fries are also hard and the nuggets.. I can only taste potatoes! alhough it says meat and potatoes! You can definitely feel I am a very dissatisfied customer of Ninja Joe. Lol.

Anyway, The Assassin was not bad. Rain can definitely act so much more better than Jay. Lol. Kononnye a 18sx movie. You wanna know why? Coz it has a lot of blood splashing scenes BUT I find them very amusing and funny. Lol. Oh, perhaps a lot or body cut apart scenes and ugly wounds as well @.@ Still, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch it ;) Thumbs up.



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