Monday, 3 August 2009

Now that studies and graduation is over, it's time to settle down and look for a job. The usual thing to do. I guess.

For sure, my pit stops would be at and such. I applied for the Padini co. but I doubt I'm getting it cause it seems like the pay for Management Trainee in the Retailing Field is just about RM 1,800 or so. Hence, I am probably not getting it.

Other than that, there's a few job posting offers from a head hunting company which contacted me. He sent me a few JD from nike and mattel but it seems like nike's out coz they were looking for experienced employees. =/ The person from the head hunting company told me to have a look at the Mattel jobs but they are not exactly something I am looking for and so is the salary package. I am not a kid anymore, really. So how do I actually benefit from working for a toy company? Moreover, I can't find a spot about Mattel's working environment and other relevant details. Not even about their interview.

Still, I guess it doesn't hurt to go for the interview. If there is anyone out there working for Mattel or has any friends or relatives working for Mattel, please fill me in.

Thank you.