Thursday, 20 August 2009

" Forsakengel, you are a Pharmacist
During this test you were asked questions that tested you on 7 abilities which constitute a person's aptitude - Verbal, Numerical, Perceptual, Spatial, Technical, Acuity and Analytical. It was based on how you scored in each of these abilities that we concluded that your aptitude profile ideally matches that of a Pharmacist.

This means that you have the gift to 'see' abstract information and make sense of it. This is accompanied with an 'eye' for detail.

This detailed test has also revealed to us how you fared in the other abilities, especially the ones you did not do too well in."

Took this aptitude test at and this is what I'm told. Now, should I wish I haven taken Masters in Pharmacy at Notts? Hmm.. nah.. I think I'd rather do retail mgt. Maybe.. argh.. have not got a job yet! -.-;;

P/S: I've uploaded quite alot of photos from last year's Sabah Trip. Hop on to Captured to take a look.




  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA u're sooo damn funny!

  2. eh, i'm ady so frustrated that i'm sick till now le. then have to do assignment and everything. then that fella's like.. dunnoe his feet stinks liddat. damn irritating. den u know what? from the other corner of the library there's a girl who's crying or laughing or wut i dunnoe.. she's like making those sound like she's on the bad.. omg omg omggggg..

  3. interesting library shenanigans!

    u should go up to him and say ur feet stinks can you please put your shoes back on! LOLLLLLL! and go up to her and say hey go get a room! this is not a fucking library (literally)

  4. hahaha ~ i thouGht that you do those stupid quiz at facebook ~! :P wahahahah ~!

  5. Nola... -.-;; I take serious test. I don't go for stupid quiz in facebook! LOL!!!