Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sunday was a busy day since most of Saturday was spent taking Graduation photo at the studio, dropping by at a store selling outdoor stuff, having yummy vegetarian lunch at Connought, visiting the optical store, purchasing Chinese herbs at Chinese medical store, and lastly, dropping by at a snack restaurant to grab some Che Cheong Fun and Hong Tau Sui before going home. by the time I reach home, it was already late noon, almost time for dinner XD

On Sunday morning, Bernadette and I had Wanton Mien as breakfast in BSS because she wanted to collect the telekom phone from the hse she used to rent because it cost RM 66!! We then went back to the office to make more copies of my resume, cover letter and also supporting documents. After that, we went for brunch again with mom at Oldtown. I also took my passport photo at this Fotokem outlet at Metro Kajang. It turned out freaking ugly. The picture quality is damn bad, colour damn fugly -.-;;; Never going back there.. again. Another bad quality outlet at Metro Kajang.. Later on, we head to Mydin for some grocery shopping and purchased the icing sugar from a bakery shop nearby. The queue was really long. I think it is probably due to the approaching Hari Raya where most housewife are busy making home made cookies to be sold.

Back home, we made this Pecan & Banana Friand! It was really yummy! Just a tad bit sweet. Will make some adjustment on the amount of icing sugar the next time. The ingredient are actually all pretty cheap if I did not use the pecans.. They cost half of the whole ingredient bill! It's all good though coz we're eating it ourselves! Lol. After all the baking, we made Carrot and Orange smoothie! *yummy*

By the time we're done, it's already late evening. I just spent some time doing my homework for the Airpak Express and Padini interview before making Yong Tau Foo for dinner!

and there goes my Sunday! nice and yummy!



  1. next time use BAKON ~! wahahahah

  2. what is BAKON? -___________________-