Saturday, 29 August 2009

Got a weird dream about Newflex's office secretary suddenly callin' me to persuade me to join NewFlex but I still rejected them.. Lol.. Well, the truth is I really rejected them. Accounts is really not my thing.. and I like the type of management trainee where they put in in all different departments for a period of time. It sounds interesting to me and I bet there are alot of learn as well. Hence, the salary/allowance is not really my concern at the moment. Just 12 weeks, I'm sure it will pass fast and be one hell of an exciting programme.

Looking forward to Tuesday's orientation.

Gagan dropped from my list just few days ago when I gave them a call. Apparently the management trainee will only be placed in the outlet and he will go through 6 months probation. that's crazy. Also the basic is just 1,900. The 2,400 is including the commission that you might get. So how is 2,400 the min? Pretty little lie. I don't like this and also the fact that they did not explain anything about the job scope in the ad.. It is just like a pot of rock glowing like a pot of gold under the rainbow. Once it is gone, you will see the true image of it.


Anyway, today we will be celebrating Grandpa's birthday. Pot luck! I'll be making friands and pudding this time coz it's such a waste for the egg yolks. This time, we will try using chocolate chips and also other nuts instead of pecan! *excited*

P/s: Puipo is biting through the packing again to get food! He's so mischievous!




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