Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My last post was probably about how bad the management of the Nottingham TriCampus game is; giving the students hope and happiness and suddenly dragging them down the sewage system underground as if to treat them as waste emitted after being diluted from food for good. Still, I'm glad that finally everything came to a good decision and everyone was happy about it at the very very last moment, about less than a day before we board our flight. Hence, everything was actually in a rush. Loads of drama, argument and anger raging from every corner of the sports complex. The 'chosen ones' only get to cool down during the 12 hours flight to London.

Nottingham was great overall. We need to free up our mind from all the bad times that have passed and just give in all into the game and enjoy it. More about that later on. 8 days in Nottingham, Great Britain Campus, for games and for friendship.

A week after that was spent in Europe: Barcelona, Spain; Venice, Italy and London, United Kingdom. It was a great trip. Loads and loads and loads of walking that exhaust us every night. If you get a chance to look at our pictures, our physical appearance will tell you that we are so wearing off day by day due to lack off rest since we took off right after the exhausting TriCampus Games. To summarize the trip, lotsa Gaudi in Barcelona, freaking lots of masquerades in the street bazaar of Venice and also lots of great buildings and night views in London.

Right after I was back from the land with little Asians, I suffered from jet lag for a few days although it's hard to admit x.x Resume my life in where I belong after a day of hibernating and right away, is occupied by busy moments in office, in searching for job as a fresher and also family matters.

So, this post pretty much summed up what have been of me during these days which I have not blogged. Lots of pictures to be uploaded, not forgetting that I have not even uploaded all my pictures from the Sabah trip yet. Lol.



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  1. No worries dear, I m working really hard for my studies this year, n I believe that I will be able to get the balance between you and my studies. I know that sacrificing either 1 of them for the other one will make me regret one day.

    love you always, dear!