Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Going through facebook like I've never done before....

No, it's not like going through facebook on and on for hours..

I'm not a big fans of facebook either..

So it's actually just browsing through friend's page..

Updating myself about friend's where abouts and what they are up to..

One of the interesting places to look out for would be these Diver Dudes...

Looking at Amanda's pictures... amazing.. so much freedom..

So envious.

I know I should not be feeling like this when I'm just back from a short break but I'm just not liking my current life. I don't remember who questioned me about how i feel about my life but I remember that I actually told him, my life was not that bad.. I am actually quite happy with my life.. but I guess my life have not fully resumed in such a short period. Now that I have started to gather back all the feeling that I used to have while staying in Malaysia, I guess I really am not satisfied with the current position and surroundings of my life..

I wish life was much more simpler..

I guess I am longing to free myself off my current surrounding and start anew in a new place with new people..

For now, I'll just bear a little longer and see how I can achieve what I want...




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