Thursday, 30 July 2009

...from convocation have been making my room smells like a flower garden for almost a week now. I love the smell of flowers and it relax me every time I came back to my room after a day at the office. Anyway, sincere thanks to those who came and flourished me with flowers and chocolate. Thanks Mrs. Chung for the bouquet of roses and all my aunts for that very heavy bouquet or sunflowers and roses. Last but not least, thanks Jojo for the ferrero chocolate. (; Thanks to Tanes who came during his birthday and also Ssy, Li Ping and the others which I have not mentioned. It is definitely a fun and memorable day, although the process of scroll giving was pretty dry and boring. Haha.. I was sitting on the second row and the people in-charge of the robes was very nice as they remind us to smile all the time and also correct our robe for us when we were in the queue. What I honestly dislike is some of the photographers.. I can see that one of them was sincerely taking picture, signalling O.K. or you're ready to go and takes more than 1 photograph for every student but the second group of photographers looks like a group of bitter gourds. They hardly smile with their frowning face and the maximum number of shots they'll take is just 1. One. Satu. Yat. They just makes me wanna roll a big bowling ball to them and knock them down like bloody pins. The other highlight of the day would be PY's amazing bouquet of roses. I assume they're 99 stocks of roses. They seriously looks like some flower a guy would giver to his mate during those lovey dovey occasions like Valentine's Day or during their anniversary. I'm sure alot of people agrees with me :D Oh.. I also thinks that my picture with grandma turns out really good on that day. Love it. Will be taking studio pictures on the 22nd!




  1. yerrrr~!!! Graduatede already wah ~! aiks ~! well..will miss you guys T.T

  2. Yerrrr... our graduation also din come..

  3. i was doing intern bah T.T
    and i'm at tawau, sabah T.T
    hhahaha ~!

  4. Oklaaaa...

    So how was intern?