Thursday, 11 June 2009

Yesh, yesh, yesh, I know.. I've been missing for the longest time without any sign at all. Lol.. Even during exam, I'm more actively at blogging, yea? Actually I have a long list to do as well..

Who knows tricampus game training could make me busier than during exam. When I'm not training, I'll be either eating, sleeping, talking basketball or relaxing for an hour or so everyday. Same routine everyday. Too busy to even go to the exchange to get pounds. Bloody hell, pounds is raising so bloody quick right not x.x Can some one sponsor me some Uk pounds and I promise to return later, pleaaase? Hahaha..

Anyway, one of our player somehow hurt her ankle and when she went to the sports specialist, she was told that two of her ligemen was torn x.x Okay... we seriously never expect it to be this serious x.x The rest had some pain here and there.. not a good condition. =/ Anyway, hope everyone get well soon! Kampate!

There's also 'centralised training' for all athletes 3 days a week but I'd say it's more like 'football training' for us, wtf? I pulled my muscle when I did their warm up yesterday. Ridiculous, right? What kinda warm up was that x.x Hate hate hate centralised training. One a week is fine but what the hell, don't you know that every sports require different warm up and trainings? So how the hell is the centralised training suppose to benefit us? they keep talking about team spirit but PLEASE, when there's someone who is not well, you don't PUSH them to do it just because of TEAM SPIRIT. Pushing the WEAK to catch up with the STRONG is not a bloody team spirit, ok? It's more like a torture team, wtf.

Haih. Some more extend have to pay extra RM 130 and the sports officer only told us like now? Ask us yesterday and told us to confirm in 2 hrs time when the flight is next week? What about what we want? You take 2 weeks and still could not give us what we want and you give us 2 weeks and u want to get what you want. Fck this shit.

Shit shit shit...

Go watch anime better. Go watch Honey and Clover! I think it's really nice ;P



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  1. yih ~!!! so nice ~!! can go uk ~!!!!
    dun brinG swine flu back ar ~!!!
    eh ~!!!!
    hand letter ~!!! "shao xun"