Thursday, 25 June 2009

The management managed to settle everything 1 day before we depart. Visa, flight extension, everything.. So everyone was happy to go (; The matches against China was good so far. A little tough on the M'sia against GB (Great Britain) matches. Most of them are really good.

We had a match with the GB woman basketball team. They are better in terms of physical. There is also this Chinese girl who is really good, from what we all see. Most probably, she is also the captain of the team. She is good in team leadership and hence, have done well in controlling the team on what to do and how to do. They usually shoot inside and does not do 3 point or somewhere near the 3 point. So, yea, we lost to them. (; Coz they are definitely better than us.. physically. Skill wise, their passing is really direct and fast and they seems to read each others mind.. We lose on that and we just got together and practised for 5 on 5 since 2 weeks ago. So, you can't blame us for losing. Wtf. The score is pretty ugly, I know -.-

Anyway, I have not got any jet lag but seems to be tired everyday probably coz I have not got a decent rest since we started to train till today. Food is sometimes alright and is sometimes unsuitable for us Asians.. but we got through that. Accommodation is comfy (They clean our room everyday!). Like staying in a hotel. ;) The weather here is abit tough on us although it is summer coz it is still cold for us, especially when the strong wind blows!

Oh, btw, the basketball guys team have won all matches yesterday. Congrats to them.

We went to Hooters for a celebration and a little walk around. We also went to the City to do some shopping at Sports Direct, Trimark and some other places. Shops closes at 5 -.-;; and the taxi fare is crazy. We spent like 4 pound each for a journey to and fro.

That's about it for now.

Oh, btw, it's 7 hours earlier than KL time here at Notts.





  1. Have to admit it's quite fun ;)