Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Omfg. I use to look forward to reloading my Digi Prepaid during Birthday Months every year so much because they give out 50% bonus but not anymore!

" Birthday Bonus™
Birthdays will never be the same again. Forget the old butter pound birthday cakes…we're into even hotter birthday goodies now. Exclusively from DiGi, enjoy jaw dropping Birthday Bonus™ rewards every year when you've been with us for 3 months!*
When you reload your DiGi Prepaid account three days before, or three days after your registered birthday, you instantly get 50% more than your reload amount**.

For example, if you reload RM 100 within your birthday period, you get RM 150 (RM 100 + RM 50) worth of talktime credit.

What's more, the talktime credit you receive has no validity period.
Besides, get ready to receive your birthday surprises from your DiGi mobile on your birthday! "

* Only applicable to subscriptions activated after 2 January 2009. Activations before this date are not affected

What does that means? Means Digi only give big bonuses to new customers? What about retainment of existing LOYAL customers? *Hmph* Are they trying to promote "Throw Away Old Digi Prepaid and Get New Prepaid+ 50% Birthday Bonus?!?!"

The reason I actually bought the Digi prepaid was because I was attracted to the Fu-yoh plan which they had back then. They have an activity called "Digi Lelong" or something like that back then. Everything bidding starts at RM1 but after sometimes, the activity was not continued but the customer were told the same LIE everytime they visit the website until a few months later, they decided to cancel the Fu-yoh Plan. So how did they cancel it? They inform existing registered Fu-yoh members that fu-yoh plans are not available to NEW subscibers but did not take the innitiative to encourage the existing user to quickly change to another plan and keep charging us RM3 every month!

Anyway, back to the stupid "Digi Lelong" they had back then. Whenever I visit the Fu-yoh site, I would be greeted with the same un-updated page and later on, they took some innitiative to tell a lie to maintain Fu-yoh membership by stating that they APPRECIATE our support and that Digi Lelong will be back running again soon but IT NEVER DID! Omfg. Damn frustrating, kan?

I'm really starting to hate the fucking Digi. There's really nothing which would retain my interest, wtf.

Disclaimer: I hold no responsibility towards the facts that are mentioned above incase someone tries to sue me wtf.


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