Tuesday, 26 May 2009

I should be happy for getting selected, shouldn't I? But it doesn't seems to be such a happy thing after all.

The Swine Flu in Spain and Italy cases are always on the rise everyday, without fail. =/ That's not good coz I wanna go to Barcelona and Venice! Very badly =/ and I also wanna go to London, bunk at Kev's place and make him sleep on the floor while I take over his bed! Hahaha..


Not only is nothing is perfect, it can't even be neutral wtf. Aih..

I'd go if I hold the permission myself, on my own hand. The thing is.. dad doesn't seems to be convinced that it's pretty safe to go to Uk and Europe at these time of the day! How how....

Things at the uni side doesn't look so good either. Well, yea, we get to go to Notts for free with accommodation and food sponsored by the campus at Notts and free to and fro flight sponsored by AirAsia but guess what...

We do not have accommodation during training not to say food allowance and we do not have a coach. What kinda uni team is that? Who the hell would wanna be in the uni team? *sigh* They expect the students to pay for their own accommodation during the training! How about students who live away from this state, away from this country and with rental contract expired? Who the hell wants to rent you their house for a month? Like.. omfg? Can't the uni even be a damn bit more responsible and supportive? WTF?!?!?!??!?!


P/S:currently addicted to John Powell's Kisses and Cake. Check it out. Really nice, I promise!




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