Thursday, 9 April 2009

I got this e-mail from my aunt. It's one of those where you forward to eveyone and I'm not sure how credible is this. However, even if you do not believ this, a precaution might be good. So stay away from the beaches on 22nd July 2009! I would stay away from the beach till August is here =/ Yea, abit Kiasi but my life's not worth gone like that and I'm sure yours too. Anyway, here's the content of the forwarded e-mail:

Better be safe than sorry....

Please be more cautious as the warnings has been given.

Attached a photo for u.

I just received this message from a colleague. I don’t know the source of the message; I also don’t know the credibility of the content, but just beware.

Below is the content on the message:

“Hello there. I just wanted 2 let you know that please stay away from the beaches all around in the month of July. There is a prediction that there will be another tsunami hitting on July 22nd. It is also when there will be sun eclipse. Predicted that it is going 2 be really bad and countries like Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Si Lanka, India, Indonesia, Philippines are going 2 be badly hit. Please try and stay away from the beaches in July. Better 2 be safe than sorry. Please pass the word around. Please also pray for all beings.”

There you go. Believe it or not, it's up to you. Even if I do not believe it, I would stay awayyyyyyyy and so should all of youuuuu!!!!

*spread this around please!*

and if anyone realised that it's actually a prank of if there's a source that gives credibility to this, please tell me ;) Too busy to check, yet.

EDIT: I've got comments from people who have been sourcing the truth about this "news" / "prediction". Check out what they have to say by clicking on the this post's title.




  1.">Tsunami on 22 July 2009 - Fact or Hoax?:)
    cheers! ^^hello! visiting you from nuffnang....

    just to tell u, i can't see what i'm typing -.- cus both the bg and the words are black lol

    i found a supporting theory for it :)

    check it out at my blog post

  2. shit ~ should i go back sabah or not ar ???
    haha~ seems like nearer to my plce ner T.T

  3. Greg.. u damn crazy. you rather stay here than die with your family. Hahaha...

    Anyway, I don't think so it will affect Tawau. I think Tip of Borneo is more exposed to the risk.

  4. Hey there, am just a random reader of ur blog post. Though ur worry, just wanna tell u that this is just a hoax spreading all around. How can these people predict such a big tsunami when the official organization, the NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, which is supposed to use their high-end technique to predict such disasters didnt even release any alert or announcement? Have a look at this:

    besides, look carefully at picture, the fellow who created it cant even spell the word disaster properly=) so u can actually tel how reliable it is^^

  5. Distaster? Someone here is trying to spoil the fun with a spelling error. Credibility of report = significantly reduced. Whatever it is, all we should do is to pray for the best protection; going away from the beach is no good suggestion cause from all Tsunami incidents we heard of, none failed to go across a land area for a few hundred KMs.

  6. Thx py, it's great to hear about that as I have not found the time to straighten up the facts abt this. I didn't even realize the spelling error until you have mentioned it.


    Dear someone, it is a good suggestion or not is up to your thoughts. When people thought that this is real, they are only doing good deeds by trying to get ppl away from danger. Ofcourse when they mentioned that ppl should stay away from the beach, they mean those beaches which are affected, not those over the lands from the affected area.

  7. Read this
    earthquake is nothing relate with gravity.]

    and the picture showing the earthquake is origin by nasa website.
    there nothing mention to tsunami.

    stop broadcasting this fake news

    chinese newspaper

  8. Its real of Fake,

    Precaution is better than cure.

    Stay away from sea on that particular day....

  9. This is so incredibly stupid! It is just another internet hoax to scare people! Tsunami's can't be predicted, just as earthquakes can't be predicted. If they could predict tsunamis, especially down to a date and a specific timeframe, don't you think they would have warned the people in Dec. 2004 and saved a quarter of a million lives!!! Just because there will be a solar eclipse doesn't mean a catastrophe will happen. Many solar eclipses have happened and no terrible disasters have occurred. Don't fuel this fear frenzy by passing this along or posting it without doing your homework and educating yourselves!

  10. This is completely FALSE!!!

    When Asia is not hit by financial crisis, the west creates some terror and Psychological threat!! DONT BELIEVE this rubbish quake. pure B.S.

    Could be a conspiracy, the truth is U.S. is detonating a powerful nuclear bomb to shake the whole of Asia and they'll do it in the Pacific! hence, the tsunami! True, there might be a Tsunami, but it's not because of Eclipse, U.S. just coincided the Eclipse with their detonation!! Weapon of the 22nd Century

  11. Notice the Tsunami Circle labled in RED! it hits Major City! what a neatly crafted circle there! It hits all the Capital on that country!! don't you notice some fishy things on this photo?!

    Just that alone will tell you that this thing is pure RUBBISH

  12. Whether this is hoax or not ... don't care coz I'll be in office at that day which is far away from any beaches.

    I think this story were made by someone who has nothing to do in life. So just IGNORE and stop spreading this story..

  13. Dear stupid-people-who-thinks-i'm-spreading-this-hoax,

    Please. I've got enough shit comments from all of you. You people get on my nerves and I can't stand it any more.

    I've already mentioned in the EDITED PART OF MY BLOG that the truth lies IN THE COMMENT OF MY BLOG! and I DID NOT CONFIRM THAT THIS IS A FCKING REAL THING!

    So PLEASE, fckin hell, read properly before YOU FUCKING COMMENT THAT I'M SPREADING THIS SHIT COZ I'M NOT! IT'S NOT LIKE I GOT ALOT OF READERS. THEY'RE HERE COZ THEY SURFED UP ABOUT THE TSUNAMI IN GOOGLE, OK? and I'm actually helping them get some straight facts about it by asking them to view the comments in my BLOG, OK?

    so, WHY don't you PEOPLE read properly before you COMMENT that i'm spreading this HOAX! how the hell do I contribute in spreading this hoaX? I did not even forward this to anyone!

    Fck this sht.

    damn frustrating people.

  14. Check it out my blog for more detail of Tsunami

  15. hi .. it was aired in the news today.. it has been said to have an earthquake and tsunami.. in HOngkong can be as high as 10 meters... pls this is not a hoax!

  16. No.. this is a fake message guys .. I know that earthquakes cannot be caused due to gravitaional pull.. its due to the movement of the tectonic plates in the earth's crust. ... Still just for the cause.. BEWARE @@

  17. see the following link for more details

  18. I am from Maldives.....we are just dots of islands in the INdian Ocean....we have no where to clim for safe........when we stay at the center of the island we can see the ocean from either please dont make fun of this whether if it is tru.....

  19. I am sure this hoax by someone.

  20. haha me and my mate are here reading this at school ... we were sleeping last night when it all occured and on the 22nd of july we will be sleeping too so dont let anything stop you from doing your daily routine.. everything happens for a reason and if its ment to be it will be eventually.. its mother nature not a man made thing so it will be if its ment to...

  21. lol the earthquake was last night.. 16 of july 2009 not the 22nd lol silly people lol

  22. Really? I thought that was just a hoax.. seriously.. never thought earthquake would actually happen..