Monday, 13 April 2009

12th - Consumer Behaviour... Consumer Behaviour... Consumer Behaviour... ... Kinda completed my part, methodology. Met stupid Milton during breakfast at some Wantan Mien Shop in Semenyih.

11th - Play masak-masak. Made Benjie's suggested Salmon Steak sauce --> Hollandaise Sauce. Suddenly macam pro. Hahaha. Nice sauce but abit jai after a while. My basin pipe suddenly decide to have a super leak. Water pressure was high and water flow all over when the rubber securing the connections finally was too old to do its task. Had Starbucks's breakfast at a discounted rate.

10th - sold David Archuleta's tickets.

9th - went to collect David Archuleta's tickets and have some Zanmai Sushi since I was there. Love their sushi. Got some bargain off the Japan store. Can't find nuts at Topshop. As usual.

8th - had basketball tournament in uni. Girls only please. My friend said, this will be the first gold medal in your life, huh?

7th - Can't remember.

6th - Had lunch at Oldtown

5th - Can't remember.

4th - Can't remember.

3rd - Can't remember.

2nd - Completed CF assignment.

1st - April Fool day. Went to Fast and Furious 4 Premier Screening and has dinner at The Apartment. My first time there and will be the last.

30th - Can't remember.

29th - Can't remember.

28th - Earth hour. Went to Jusco Balakong.

Can head to bed now. G'nite!



  1. you so tua already ~ so many can't remember ~ ^.^

  2. Nolaaaaa.. too much assignments!