Wednesday, 15 April 2009

every now and then. They're everywhere! Can't deny that Kl/Selangor's a really really small place.:yes:

This is so exciting! Getting to know a person who you knew all over again!

But hey, this is never more exciting than meeting another lesbian in my life!


Kev says I gave him an impression that I'm a les. Milton thinks and wants me to be a les. Amanda asked if I'm a les after not having meet her for 2 years? and now a primary school mate just met confessed that he thought I was a lesbian at 10. or was it 11? 12?

Damn rubbish you people.

I'm hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. haha ~
    wah ~!
    you got grandma grandpa that old one friend ar ~ :P
    hahhaha ~!
    eh ~ i didn't think you are lesbian ~! hahahaha ~!
    happy ler :P

  2. u... another rubbish answer. Not to say happy la. Haha.. Just funny..

    Greg, lemme ask you a serious question, are you gay and not admitting it?

  3. well ~!
    i'm not definetly not Gay ~!
    i love chicks ~! i like Girls ~ desperate summore ::P
    but ~
    what's wrong with GAY ~???
    it's ok ~!
    that's means i less 2 more competitor ~!
    haha ~!
    but lesbian ~!
    dun lar ~ this meant i lost 2 chances ~ T.T
    hey my answer not rubbish lar~ :)

  4. i meant i'm definetly not gay ~!!!
    aiyoyoy ~!!
    typing mistake because very hard to clearly see the typing :P

  5. i only see " i'm not definetly not Gay ~! "

    OMG! GREG IS GAY!!! do you like Milton?

    Hahaha.. kidding.. dun so desperate la wtf. go get a good body shape first..

  6. !@$@#$@!$
    oh Gosh ~! i love milton ~!
    i sleep with him for 3 months~!!
    in a same room ~! not same bed ~ ^.^
    hahaha ~!
    wait i go back TAWAU find my GYM khaki 1st :P
    hahaha ~!
    damn desperate wei ~ kns ~!
    cause too borinG dy T..T
    next sem even worst ~!
    wanna become GAY also dun have GAy kaki such as MILTON and JOSEPH ~!

  7. uni also got gym ba....

  8. UNiversity one Lao ya de....all rosak one...and don't have the equipment I love :)

  9. hmmm... hahaha. atleast better than nothing la!