Wednesday, 15 April 2009

that's how my friend decribe her lecturer. Hahaha!

My assignment is also 'shit shit dei'. I've actually done the ratios of Financial Analysis like weeks ago and I've asked a friend if she could double-check it for me because I sure something was wrong. The process of searching for those figures are just so UGH! so hair-pulling moments!

I am now in the process of doing the 'explaination' part and I found out there are actually so many mistakes but my friend told me she don't see any problem with the ratios I did. Aih. Shit. I've corrected some and still in the process on correcting.. but now abit stuck.. coz I can't find RETAINED PROFIT IN SAINSBURY'S and TESCO'S ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT!! Not shit shit dei... but damn shit lorrrr. Haiz. F*ck this shit. I hate financial reports.



  1. Thank you, this puts an end to those emails that feed on fear

  2. You're welcome ;) I was once one of it's victim. Which is why I wrote this. Lol.

  3. SOFA~!!!
    erm ~!!
    i'm now still awake doinG assignment ~ :P
    haha ~ shit lor ~!

  4. wht Sofa? you only have Sofa in your rooooom?

  5. Haha! I'm the 1st one!so I grab the comfortable sofa here at this post!!!hahaha!!!
    So fun!

  6. omg. i don't get you x.x faster go do work!