Thursday, 16 April 2009

"You're always going: Shit, Stoopid, Mother. That's all you say"
Quotes: Joanne

Yes. all I do is curse. wtf.

I don't know why. But suddenly, I know how to do my ratios and there's so many mistakes and I've corrected quite many, when suddenly the power supply decided to go off and my laptop went off. Fck this sht. There's no battery connected to my laptop coz my brother did not connect the wire back when he fixed in the new woofer into the laptop [it didn't last long anyway. so, waste of effort. stupid sht ppl selling stupid lousy woofer. i didn't even put on any loud songs]. So, yeala. Fck this sht coz I have not saved and Microsoft did not save for me either!

I freakin' hate uni's power plugs laaaa!


I hope I can finish the FA by today. Plz, plz plz!!!!


Secondhand Serenade songs are emo songs.




  1. Sofa ~!
    hey ~ i like to hear you swear ~ sounds so funny ~!
    haha ~!
    yeah ~! someone have to redo ~!!
    hahaha ~!

    and second hand serenade song is damn nice wei ~!

  2. Why you always sofa sofa sofa!!!!!

    You can't hear me swear also. You can only seeeeeeee me swear. wtf.

    I've redone. Hmph.