Thursday, 16 April 2009

I had a dream. A dream about my Consumer Behaviour assignment and also about friends in that class. CB class only consist of 9 people. Hence, we only have two group.

I dreamt that the lecturer was dissapointed with us because we were behind schedule. That we use to be ahead of schedule and ahead of the other group and suddenly, we are not doing our work and we were behind schedule. The lecturer was not happy coz she had always liked us.





  1. hey pattie!! i kinda miss your vulgarity.

    stress stress stress that's how everyone feels now cos it's a period of madness! hate it!!!

    goodie luck for exams! u guys start soo early!

  2. haha! Better stay away from my vulgarity. Not good to pick it up XD

    you too! good luck for your papers ;)

    shit m'sia campus. I guess the lecturers want an early break. So early weh!!! and how can second sem commence right after the first sem!!! Haven release stress also...

  3. oh ~! what a Great Dream ~!!!! :)