Friday, 17 April 2009

Was eager to finish up my assignment but there was power failure around 3 pm and... there you go.. my assignment. So, I headed to bed just to be greeted by another dream again. *sigh*

I was on a holiday. Should be the backpacker's style.

I was chilling downstairs, on the floor mat placed at the lounge, with two friends. I can't remeber who. Suddenly, there was a call from upstairs. It was my turn to hog the bathroom and so I went up. I was greeted by Long Long who was running away with my socks in her mouth. She looks so adorable. She ran behind my mom who was preparing the laundry at the washing machine. My mom lectured me about leaving my socks around but I told her it's alright since it's dirty. I grabbed her from the floor and hug her tight. *love*

When my mom left, Long Long tagged along and left too. I went into my room, get something, and went to the back. It looks like a dark short and thin hallway, the area behind the house. the first half of the wall were made of cement bricks while the top half was just just flowery grills. There was a guy there. I can't remember what he was doing there but I remembered that he was a chef. [that's how weird dreams can be] There was 2 shower there. One at the very corner down the hall and the other one at the center. I took the center one. I was searching for the knot but there was none. However, there was a switch there and when I turned it on, the water came sprinkling down. Interesting. I washed my hand and left.

I walked towards the entrance of the hallway where there was a basin beside the entrance. I looked outside through the grill and I saw a very brightly lit Guardian store. Very weird. Guardian is even opening up in this village place! Anyway, when I turned back, there was a lady washing her hand with some kind of powder in cubes together with some dry leaves, kind of like the smaller version of pandan leaves. I just looked at her and smile. Then, I notice a piece of paper there. It says that the water price has risen due to the improved quality of the water provided. I can't remember what it was but they seems to have an extra substance in the water. It rised to from 6++ to RM8 per hr or so. I can't remember. I tried to look for the knot again but I found a row of switches again. Now I know where to turn on the water... It's pretty convenient to just click on the swicth and walla, water flows out...

I keep getting dreams when I'm loaded with uni assignments and exam is near. *Sigh* I thought I should be granted more rest at this moments!!




  1. got time dream ~!
    do you assignment lar ~ :P hahaha ~! :P
    don't slkeep don't sleep ~! wake up ~! :P

  2. pls.. it's not like it's something i can control. no current. gow to do assignment!!!! ish. you don't sleep la. i need my sleep!

  3. shit ~!!! i can't finish my assignment on time T.T so sad T.T
    die lor die lor T.T

  4. hor hor..... just do as much as you can. what to do... there's nothing you can do d.