Wednesday, 22 April 2009

It's odd how messes appear out of nowhere in days with busy schedules. Dramas unfold. Randoom thoughts have increased. Dreams have increased. It's like as if there's 101 short stories unfolding in this book about a day in my current life and the counts of these short story books are increasing as the number of days increases. They're so short I can't remember them anymore once they've passed but the emotion stays. Weird. To feel something without knowing what just happened.

There's a scene in a story which I remember vividly though. It was about being tense at home.

My brain seems to be more occupied with itself when I need more access and control of it for more important things.


There's been alot of new kids on the block. The start of a new foundation batch. the start of their life in uni. It causes me to miss uni although the there's this thought of getting life over and done in uni as soon as possible would be great. A sudden gush or emotion.

I guess people tend to look back into time as they grow older. I am one of those who often look back in time.


I'm not having bad days. It's just that bad feelings moments are surfacing more often these days. I find my heart beating fast every all of a sudden and I can't find ways to keep it calm. Every little thing is making my heart beat fast and I can't seems to get a grip over it.

I wish life would just stop for a while. Or maybe you could just let me dissapear from life for a while..

So fckin emo I want to be selfish. I want everything to go my way.

***Don't comment please***

P/S: I'm fine now! After a walk to the Orange building to grab the missing pages of notes and back to the library.




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