Wednesday, 22 April 2009

More new kids on the block. The environment looks exactly like it was when the break bell or the school over bell rang. New faces everywhere right after the bell rang at 2.00 pm, it makes me feel like as if I was the doesn't belong here instead of them. I guess it's almost time to pass my feel of belonging to this place to the new student.

They're even occupying the lab now that they have classes in Tiscra 1. How long has it been since I had classes in Tiscra 1?

Toilet condition are worse than usual today. Probably due to the increased visitors but the cleaners are still not seen around as usual. Perhaps they're at their usual place; the place below the staircase on the lowest floor of the library or the storeroom chilling out, talking on the phone, dreaming while relaxing? I wonder if they really do their job. Toilets are sometimes extremely disgusting and stinks really badly. Toilet rolls are no where to be seen. Like.. did the toilet papers just dissapear in an hour or so? I'm sure that freaking huge roll of toilet paper could last long. Perhaps around 4 rolls or less should be more than sufficient for the day.

Internet connection in the library usually down from around 1 pm to around 6 pm. How bad is that, you tell me. My most hated department here has to be the IT Dept. Yes, I hate them to the fcking full extend.

I'm finally getting out of this place in about a month's time.

Double celebration in May.


That aside, I'm feeling really good today. Besides some minor emotion glitches.

Shall start studies again.

This *song will keep rolling on the player. Atleast for now.

P/S: Btw, I hope the new foundation students could stop hogging the very very very limited places in the library because the old students need this place alot atm. or rather, fucking noisy students could just fuck off. That would make alot of space for ppl like me. thx.




  1. yih ~~~ so pity ~~~
    go injection ar ~~~
    later you got mad dog deaseses

  2. Choi choi choi..

    my dogs got go for vaccination ans stuff one ok -.- ...

    Bite you only got mad dog disease.

  3. wahsheh ~~~ like that mer ~~ wahkaka ~~~ :P
    i'm mad ~ but i'm not dog lar ~~ wahkaka ~~~

  4. i say you get mad dog disease only ma. i din say you're a dog also. ish

  5. i just passed up my dissertation ~!!
    damn happy wei ~!
    wahkakakaka ~ !:P
    let study ~!
    bye bye ~!
    i go kl first :P