Thursday, 23 April 2009

Ramli taste like heaven when you've not had it for a period of time. As everyone is studying in the library, they are chewing on their own snacks as well, obviously and not obviously. I guess people can't live without snacks while at the library.

The sun feels really good too when you've been in the cold storage for way too long.

Internet's down again. Pretty annoying.

Everyone has quiet down in the library. It feels good not have to block away all the noises by pushing up the volume of my player.

Just taking a break and looking at the surrounding of the library. I'd then smile when I see smiles and laughters.

It's not a place with just serious looks and stressed up expressions after all.

P/S: there's alot of chatty bitches behind me too. fucking hell can't keep their mouth shut for a moment.




  1. ehhh u shouldn't feed it so mcuh! just learned from neuroscience class and obesity class lolll

    they will eat whenever they see food because animals are design to eat eat eat because they dunno when is the next time they will have meals (in case they go into starvation) then at least the amount of food when available is enough to sustain them during starvation!

    so they can't control but just to EATTT till the get obese ---> hypertension ---> heart disease ----> death!!!!!

  2. EEEeee.. Hahaha.. but he doesn't eat so much anymore. I think that time he ate so much because it was his growing stage. Can't remember what they call that. He runs on the wheel a lot too. So I think it should be fine gua. Since all his food are like alfalfa, dried corns and wheats and beans XD

    cute anot?