Sunday, 1 March 2009

There was alot of 'hoo-ha' during the construction of a new Mall in Kajang 2 years back. We, being the students of Nottingham who used to study in the campus in KL and were later transferred to the new back-to-mother-nature campus became pretty excited as we were very much deprived of the lifestyle that we used to have.

Anyway, after the 'opening' of this new thing, most of us went to look around and were a tad bit impressed that they have shops like Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Sushi King, Baskin Robbin and some names there.

As time pass, the ugliness of these little pretty-looking things start to surface.

We had our first tragic moment of silence in Secret Recipe. We were pampering ourselves during the tough study break by having some tea and brownies there while also try to gobble up our notes. We were pretty much impressed by the variety of beautiful looking cakes left on the table near the bar by the delivery man. Then, our mouths and eyes started to widen.. minus salivating because flies started to land on these cakes. Yea. A few of them but the employees did not do anything to shoo them away.. Really pleasant view, huh? Added ingredients to the cake. Oh, yea, not to forget how they "transfer" the cake from the delivery truck into the shop. Extremely exposed to the air outside and inside. x.x Good job, Secret Recipe.

Next up is Starbucks. The ambiance was normal. Just makes you feel like any other Starbucks elsewhere. BUT, the baristas suck damn badly. They can't make drinks! The chocolate brew was effing sweet and worst of all, my green tea taste exactly like I'm drinking milk. Did I pay so much so that I can get a taste of Starbucks' milk? Pretty ridiculous. Starbucks of Kajang standard, eh? Very disappointing.
Sushi King is not to be missed. According to my trips to Sushi King, I felt that they have lowered their status ever since few years back but what I found in the branch at Kajang shocked me more. The sushi on the belt has been spinning and spinning around for ages and they look really ugly. Nothing like what was shown in their menu at all. Nothing near that. What's more, I even saw an attendant at the sushi bar preparing sushi. Isn't that not allowed? I thought only qualified chef are allowed to make sushi. They left me totally disgusted and puzzled. You can have a look at some of these sushi in my friend's post.

The latest shitty encounter was this afternoon when we went to the arcade on the 2nd floor. We usually went there sometimes to enjoy a game or 2 of Daytona and also basketball shooting. Just this afternoon, my brother joined along and they hit away on Daytona. However, that was a very unlucky day for my brother. He sat on the machine which is cacat. The pictures of the car and also the race track was totally black. You can only see the sky which is blue. How the fuck is he suppose to drive like that? Can you? So I told the Chinese employee at the desk and he agreed to return a token to us. However, we planned it that he race with my other friend and since his machine is not working, we ask the employee nicely if he could return us two tokens so that both of them can restart the match at another two machines. He said that he is unable to do that as they are told to abide by some stupid rules there by their employer. It was not that we ask him to return us two games after my friend had finished the race. Our objective was to have a match. However, he hold in firmly to his decision and we just left. Stupid. He can have a 1 ringgit nasi lemak with that one buck for all we care. They are just losing out more than the 1 ringgit because I don't think we'll ever go back to that shitty place ever again.

Interesting stuff, huh?

I wonder what's up next?


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