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I've been meaning to post this up since months ago but could not find enough motivation to do so. So this is for Ssy (if Vincent is still going to bring you to Mabul/Sipadan :D), Milton who wants to go on a 'road trip' and everyone else who would find this useful.

Here's a list of accommodations that I stayed in while visiting different spots of Sabah last September 2008.

1st stop: X, Lorong x, Taman Sempelang, Tanjung Aru, 88100 Kota Kinabalu. Recommended as it is a totally F.O.C. place to stay. Free room, free food, free tour. Basically, everything free!
But there's one condition, you have to be friend with any member of this host and also be invited by them. HAHAHA..

2nd Stop: Tune Hotel, Kota Kinabalu - Unit No. G-803,1Borneo Hypermall,Jalan Sulaman, 88450 Kota Kinabalu. website I stayed there for about 7 days including the day I check-in. I had a very pleasant stay there. The staffs there were really nice and helpful. There's 1 Borneo busses that bring you to and fro 5 destinations in the city everyday and the routine goes on for 5 rounds everyday. Pretty convenient, huh? I think my stay there was pretty cheap for such a comfy place and good service. Rm 200.40 (admin fees of rm 59.43 + taxes of 20.97 included) for 6 nights. Considering I was given my own bathroom and a queen size bed and privacy, I think it's worth it to stay there rather than staying at a backpacker's lodge which was actually my first option. Moreover, it would still be the same price if 2 person is staying at that room. But mind you.. the toilet is a bit too exposed if you're thinking of a place for a guy and a girl who are just friends. I guess this is kinda like a new "thing" for hotels because my parents got shocked as well when they got a room in Singapore with toilet like this even though the hotel attendant knew that my parents are going to stay with my brother and my grandma in that suite room. More about my Tune Hotel experience here ..

3rd Stop: Marudu Inn - Lot 61, Goshen New Township, Jalan Tandek, Kota Marudu, Sabah. Tel: +6088-661200. Stayed there during my visit to Caroline and her family. :D Had a pleasant visit and I enjoyed the meal prepared by her very very much! Love her cooking! Anyway, back to the inn. It was clean and the shower was not bad but it is a bit old and I found a cockroach crawling on top of the bed x.x and it's Rm 63 per night. WEll, one night's fine I guess. Do not try their special something butter chicken. I think that was what it's called. It taste awful x.x I guess others was fine. Heh.

4th stop: City Inn, Semporna - Lot 2, Block K, Bangunan Hing Loong, Semporna. Tel: +6089 784733. Stayed there for one night as our boat to Mabul leaves really early in the morning. Pretty decent place to stay but the ants there are especially attracted to anything sweet. They come fast and in a huge troop. Lol.

5th Stop: Uncle Chang's Backpacker's Lodge - P.O. Box 37, 91307 Causeway Road S.O.T.C. ( Dragon Inn ) Semporna, Sabah Malaysia. Tel: +6089 781002 ( Office Hrs ), +6089 786988 ( 24 hrs ), Mobile: +6017 894 0002, +6017 898 0002. website . I had a pleasant stay there as well. Rm 50 per day for a room consisting a queen size bed. Went there with a friend. So Rm 100 for a room for both of us in total for a day stay plus three meals! I think it's good enough. Other than this place, the rest are just freaking shit amazingly high priced place for the rich and glamor. Wtf. Hahaha. But then again, I think they have a few different price for different rooms. Try to contact them through one of the numbers above. Do not e-mail to the e-mail on that given website. Apparently they said their website was hacked by one of their previous employee and he changed the password to everything. Therefore, they will not have access to their website and e-mail which leads to no response to your mail. So, yea. try and call them ;) Oh.. *psst* days later after I sent in an inquiry to that e-mail in the hacked website, some other party actually e-mail me about 'their' own offer for stay/dive in Mabul/Sipadan. It came from this with this:
Hi, how are you? you want to dive or snorkeling Sipadan Island & Mabul island? i can arrange for you to Big John Scuba. If you want you can call me or send me the email. My Phone Nomber is 017xxxxxx ( Ah Yang ) Thanks
That means the stupid employee actually got some shit money stuffed down his throat to do that for Big John Scuba. You can go f*cking s*ck your own BIG JOHN down. wtf.

6th stop: Home sweet home!!!!!!!

P/S: More on accommodations and diving/snorkeling package brochure available here! including Uncle Chang's brochure!


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