Wednesday, 11 March 2009

This is Puipo's lovely home. Packed with his lovely blue bathing tub, his food bowl and his Strawberry Hut to keep him from cold! Looks so warm and fuzzy that it makes you want to share the place with him, right? Aww.. but you can't coz you're a big fat giant. So shush shush..

Aww.. look at his bathing tub. Full of love. A sand art of his name for his first shower! But he messed it up evenly in less than 2 seconds wtf.

Makan, makan, makan, makan, makan. This is taken during his teen years where he freaking keep eating and stuffing food into his mouth 24/7 that he keep shitting 28675456 pieces of shit every day! Then one day, he suddenly stop eating so much. Aww.. I love watching him munch!!! So happy to see him eatttt so much!

Puipo taking a break from his wheeling session and gave a "got food?" look. He would wallap any food given to his during his teen years but now only a biscuit that smells and looks like a dog biscuit will be his favourite food. The tube of food supply we have now can last him a year..

Seeeee... macam budak kecik, kan? That was one of the shot taken when he was brought home not long ago. Cute neh..

And then he got shy and look the other way. His bulu damn cantik, his tail damn cute, his ear damn big, his pouchy for keeping food also big. See what a glutton he is back then...

*hug hug Puipo*




  1. wahsheh ~~~
    i HATE hamster since i got bitten by one stupid hamster at my fren house ~~ wahkaka~~

    reason she bit me not because i yong soi ar ~~ =.='''

    is because she just give birth then i don't know ~ so i go kacau ~ and kena bit ~~

    bleeding ~~ keep keep bledding T.T

  2. stupid. bleed until today arh? bleed abit keep complaining. you guy anot... chis..

    just because of one bite you hate all hamster -__________________- biasness.