Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Hamusuta = Hamster in Japanese

Puipo = hamusuta's name!!!

We first saw him when I was going to Kok's Dentist in Pudu. Somehow, at one of the shops selling fishing equipments, we saw loads and loads of baby hamster in three fish tanks. We just glanced and walk away but returned after my dentist visit. At the very bottom fish tank, we saw 2 very cute cute cute hamster. Their fur pattern was different from the rest of the over populated squirrel like hammies that I used to have like.. many many kazillion years ago.

We have been hesitating to get a hamster for a long time even though I wanted one because I think they cost abit too much while she thinks they're just common. Not nice. -.-;;

So, this little cute leng chai hammy was just standing oh hind legs most of the time and glance a few times at her and then it strike her. The thunder of love. It became a love at first sight. She got him.

We took him home thinking he was a female coz that stupid shopkeeper told the shop assitant that it's a female and that's what the asisstant told me. You know la, can't really know when hammy's still so small, right? Not grown up yet. I did suspect he was a boi!

Anyway, so we brought him home with our heart full of glee until I forgot to take my slipper into the car and left it at the Pudu carpark bay wtf. I took them off because Puipo's hse has already taken up all the empty space on the groundmat. A very new new new slipper. Bought like just.. 2-3 days ago -.- Lucky just cost around 11 bucks.

So that's how he came to live with me! Oh, yea, why me, why not his mommy, Ms.Bernadette. Coz Puipo loves his nanny moreeee coz I take care of him moreeee. Lol.

He's damn cute la.

Go see his pictures here. More will be uploaded soon.




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