Thursday, 12 March 2009

Guarding his food for survival.

Munch munch munch. Gobble gobble gobble. *lick clean*

Found more food and *stuff stuff stuff*

Yummeh biskuti!





  1. ehhh u shouldn't feed it so mcuh! just learned from neuroscience class and obesity class lolll

    they will eat whenever they see food because animals are design to eat eat eat because they dunno when is the next time they will have meals (in case they go into starvation) then at least the amount of food when available is enough to sustain them during starvation!

    so they can't control but just to EATTT till the get obese ---> hypertension ---> heart disease ----> death!!!!!

  2. EEEeee.. Hahaha.. but he doesn't eat so much anymore. I think that time he ate so much because it was his growing stage. Can't remember what they call that. He runs on the wheel a lot too. So I think it should be fine gua. Since all his food are like alfalfa, dried corns and wheats and beans XD

    cute anot?

  3. walwuwer ~!!!
    seriously ????
    but cindy told me dunn is sungai buloh or penang ner ~! oh my god ~!

  4. that person is in sg.buloh hopital. go read the article la. in the star... but his family still raoming around and the other people who sits in the same plane as him still out there.. without check-up when they landed.. -.-???

  5. awhhh ~!!! yesterday i just Go watch angels and demons at cinema ~!!
    dunno got one of them or not ~!!! T.T
    yih ~!!
    i better guai guai stay at home lor ~! T.T
    yish ~! stupid flu ~!